The highest degree of professional care goes
into the heirloom processing of your gown.

First, we examine your gown to find all spots. A detailed Quality Control Report is updated through each and every step.

We use proven formulas to remove spots and treat the entire gown for sugar stains. Your gown is thoroughly cleaned with extra attention given to the neckline, trim and hemlines.

Our experts shape the gown, position a full bust form and fill the sleeves. It is then wrapped in acid-free tissue and fitted carefully into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window. The preservation chest is then enclosed in a 700 lb.-test shipping carton.

Your gown is then shipped back to you pre-paid anyhere in the United States by UPS or Fed-Ex professionals. You receive the gown within ten to fifteen working days from when we receive it. (Please Note: Repairs and other additional services may require additional processing time.)

Do I need to have my gown cleaned before sending it to your company?
No, we will handle all of the cleaning necessary to ensure a proper preservation.

What exactly is the process that you use to clean the gown?
Several different processes are used in cleaning. Each gown is evaluated before cleaning and the best process for that particular gown is used. All of the processes are safe, gentle and done by hand. Please note: we do remove shoulder pads and bust forms, as leaving them in the gown could cause damage over time. They are then packaged separately and shipped with your gown.

What stains are removed with your process?
We are able to remove at least 95% of all stains. Those such as tar, blood, grass stains, mud, grease and food are the most common, and of course any sugar stains such as cake icing, wine or other types of beverages.

What can be seen through the display window?
You are able to see your gown and veil through the display window. Other items are positioned near the bottom of the window where possible or underneath the gown.

What else can I send along with my gown?
You may also send items such as headpiece, garter, gloves, moneybag, handkerchief, slip, flower girl dress, etc. for an additional charge. Please refer to your order form for pricing information. Please note: All items placed in the preservation chest with your gown MUST be cleaned by WGP.

Can I reseal the box myself if it was opened inadvertently but the gown was not handled?
Your preservation chest is shipped to you sealed. However, if the chest is opened, we have enclosed sealing squares to place inside the seams of the preservation chest.

If I need to open up the preservation chest any time in the future, will that jeopardize or void the lifetime guarantee?
Your guarantee will not be voided; however, you should take care to reseal the chest with the sealing squares provided. We have also enclosed gloves with which to handle the gown. If your gown was handled excessively or soiled it should be cleaned and preserved again.

What do I write in as the Reference # in the section on the ARS label above the Wedding Gown Preservation address and in the section at the bottom of the tag?
The reference number is for Company use. It is not necessary for you to fill this section out.

Is my gown guaranteed?
YES! We provide a 100% guarantee for 20 years against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown. If at any time the gown is found to have yellowed or has caramelized stains, we will restore the gown at no extra charge to the customer. If processing is unsuccessful, we will refund the preservation cost.

Remember: never store your gown in an attic or basement.

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