Wholesale Information

Look at some of the things Weddings Addressed has to offer your business:



        Great margins means more profit

Weddings Addressed retails for $29.95 and offers great margins. Call for pricing.

        Low Minimums

Minimum order is one case containing twelve units.

      Free Countertop display (limited time offer)

To help display Weddings Addressed and increase your sales, I will send you an acrylic countertop display absolutely free. (A $45 value)

      National Advertising

Weddings Addressed is kicking off a national advertising campaign to increase product awareness and increase your sales.

      Web Referrals brings more customers to your business

Brides are researching their wedding more and more via the internet. Our web site is designed to introduce Weddings Addressed to the bride and direct them to a retail location in their area. Once the bride is in your store, they are likely to purchase other items.

Affiliate Program

If you have a website and are one of our customers we will give you a graphic and link to put on your web site. We will pay you the difference between wholesale and retail for any orders that are referred by your site.

      Guaranteed Sales means -  NO RISK TO YOU!

For the last two years we have been selling directly to brides at weddings shows. We sold to one out of every three brides to whom we gave a demonstration. We know there is a market, and weíre so sure they will buy from you, that we will guarantee your sales. If you canít sell Weddings Addressed, just send them back to us and we will refund your money.

      Weddings Addressed is Easy to Sell

A typical conversation between a bride and a shopkeeper goes something like this:

        Shopkeeper:     How many invitations are you sending out?

        Bride:              150

        Shopkeeper:     Thatís 450 envelopes to address by hand.

                                    *Confused look on bride's face*

Shopkeeper:     Sure, one for the outside envelope, one for the inside envelope, and hopefully one foe the thank-you envelope. Do you plan on sending RSVPs?

Bride:               Yes

Shopkeeper:      Then that's 600 envelopes to address by hand. I recommend Weddings Addressed. For only $29.95 you can print all of your envelopes, track your RSVPs, track gifts, and after the wedding you can reuse the information to address your Christmas cards!

Bride:                   I'll Take it!


 If youíre not selling Weddings Addressed, youíre losing money!

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