Questions & Answers

Q: Will Weddings Addressed work with my printer?

A: Weddings Addressed works with almost all printers. If your printer will accept envelopes, then Weddings Addressed will work. Chances are, if your printer is less than 5 years old, Weddings Addressed will work just fine.


Q: Will Weddings Addressed print on odd-sized envelopes?

A: Weddings Addressed will print on any size envelope up to 8 X 11


Q: Can I print in color?

A: Weddings Addressed allows you to easily change the font, style, and color of both the address and return address.


Q: My envelopes already have the return address printed on them. Can I use Weddings Addressed for these?

A: Absolutely. You can disable the return address feature with the click of a button.


Q: Ive heard that invitations should be written by hand. Has that changed?

A: Etiquette rules have changed; it is acceptable, and sometimes even preferred, to send tasteful, attractive, printed envelopes instead of irregular, hand-written envelopes.  Furthermore, this is your wedding choose the areas you wish to expend energy.  If you prefer to handwrite your envelopes, do so.  If you want to spend your time elsewhere, Weddings Addressed offers a time-saving and appealing alternative.

Q: I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is for addressing envelopes. Will Weddings Addressed help?

A: Weddings Addressed follows the most common rules of etiquette. But it also allows you to be creative in the way you address your envelopes. The bottom line is, it's your wedding and what YOU want is OK.


Q: I downloaded a calligraphy font from the internet.  Can I use it with Weddings Addressed?

A:  Weddings Addressed can use any font on your computer or if you wish you can download fonts from the internet as well.


Q: My family includes many people in the military.  I dont know the rules for addressing those envelopes.  Can Weddings Addressed help?

A: The rules for addressing envelopes to military personnel are very complicated.  Weddings Addressed knows all the rules of etiquette for military ranks of all branches, as well as for other common titles, such as doctor, clergy, etc.

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