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  Shannon gave her husband-to-be the option of buying the flowers or addressing
the invitations. "How hard can it be?: he thought, picking up the pen.  

This is what Ron learned. To send out 150 invitations,
he needed to address 150 outer envelopes, 150 inner
envelopes and 150 RSVPs. Then there were the
thank you notes. This was not a fun part of the
wedding preparations! How did he make it fun?
He designed the Weddings Adressed Program
with 100s of fonts available from script to
calligraphy. Then he made the program
available to brides and grooms
for $39.95 plus S & H
with a money-back guarantee.

Now for the icing on the cake! You will use
Weddings Addressed for the rest of your
life - for party invitations, formal occasions and
Christmas cards. You will never have to address
an invitation envelope by hand again.

  Screen Shots      
  Take a look at how easy it is to use Weddings Addressed software.  
Enter Addresses
Manage Lists
Setup Envelopes
From this screen you enter names and addresses into the main database. Here you create mailing lists and select the people you want on the list. This screen allows you to setup how you want the address to look.
Track RSVPs
  Here you an quickly track who has RSVPd and and what gift they have given Several usefull report based on the mailing list can be viewed onscreen or printed. No matter what type of look you want, Weddings Addressed is for you.  

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