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  "Weddings Addressed saved me! I couldn’t believe how many details that are necessary when planning for a wedding! I was incredibly frustrated when a friend told me about Weddings Addressed. I bought a copy off the Website. It came really quickly. My fiancé and I entered the important information in a few hours, and had our envelopes printed the same day! Now we can concentrate on the more interesting parts of the wedding planning!"

Carol Lightman
Asheboro, NC

  "I used Weddings Addressed last year for my wedding, and loved it. But right this minute, I love it even more! I just finished addressing my Christmas cards in less than an hour! I am excited to use the program for years to come!"

Laura Minton
Elyria, OH

  "I never thought I would see this: my fiancé just finished addressing all our wedding invitations AND our thank you envelopes in one afternoon. Now, when a gift arrives, I can have the thank you ready to go before the wedding even happens! I am so pleased with Weddings Addressed – Thank You!"

Brianna Loranger
Pensacola, FL
  "Finally – something for the guy in the wedding! I have been dragged to every wedding show possible, and have looked at more dresses than I had ever wanted. We ran across Weddings Addressed at one of the wedding shows, and boy am I glad we did. It was actually enjoyable to sit down and accomplish a task in such an easy manner. Being a computer programmer, I can really appreciate a well-written program. Weddings Addressed has so many applications, and our envelopes looked great. I am sure we will use it again and again."

Brian Freinz
Pylesville, MD


I was gobsmacked this morning when I went to the Post Office for my mail and I received the software CD. Almost as quick as buying locally. Anyhow I installed the CD and the programme is performing faultlessly. Thanks for the CD and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my computer friends (although I am at an age when I will be helping with granddaughter weddings, possibly).

Jamison, Australia


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